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   "www.AbbaChurch.com: Abba Father God International Online Internet Christian Church Worship Services Mass, Bibles & Prayer Requests" is A Ministry of Home World Headquarters Churches "The Abiding in Christ International Missionary Churches™ for Our International Organization of Caring Churches & Christian Services, Reaching Out in God's Love through Jesus Christ, Offering All People, Families, Children, Ministries, Persecuted & Suffering Christians and Families of Our Martyrs, Refugees, All Soldiers & Prisoners and Disaster Victims in All Countries, Their God Given Global Right to Practice Religious Freedom of Belief, Study, Prayer, Worship & Communion with God, with Easy Access Online by Computer, 24 Hours Daily. We have Complete Christian Internet Church Mass Services, Prayer Requests, God's Word in Multi-Language Bibles, Sermons, Music, Christian Resources & You May Also Receive The Blessed Sacrament of Holy Communion Online at Our Special Service. Attend Church Alone Privately, or in Small Local Groups & House Churches, Anytime. We Are Here 24-7-365! All Our Services are in A User Friendly & Compatible Format for Computers Worldwide. You Can Read through Our Online Internet Church Mass Services & Resources Carefully & Slowly, at Your Own Personal Pace of Devotion & Learning, and Enjoy Your God Given Blessing to Believe, Read the Bible & Freely Worship Our Heavenly Father God, The Holy Spirit & Our Lord & Living Saviour, Jesus Christ!